Piggy Summer School in the Galapagos!


By Michelle Green Recently, the Darwin Animal Doctors Galapagos clinic had a visit from a local summer school. These students had been learning English and, recently, the topic was on animals. The teacher contacted the clinic to see if the class might be able to come by to visualise and practice what they had learned in recent weeks. The Darwin Animal Doctors team savour every opportunity to interact with local children and readily accepted.     When the class

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Piggy’s Visage Returns to His Hometown in the Dominican Republic!

17121855_10100875006078323_1934298366_o Piggy’s humane education comic and coloring pages have made their way back to where Piggy started life, in the Dominican Republic! Here, at the Puentes Early Learning Institute in Cabrera, Dominican Republic, teachers taught Piggy’s story and lessons to the children. The kids also had the opportunity to exercise their artistic side with Piggy coloring pages. Piggy could not be more proud to help the kids where he was born.

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Piggy Year-Long Education Program Ready to Change the World


by Michelle Johnston Large numbers of mistreated and stray/street animals is, unfortunately, just a symptom of a greater problem; a lack of education and understanding of animal welfare and environmental appreciation. One of the major factors that set Darwin Animal Doctors apart is that we don’t just treat this symptom by providing free, accessible veterinary care, but we also address the root cause through education. Whilst there is value in just spaying and neutering large numbers of animals, this

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Piggy Visits the Children of the Gillen Brewer School!


Professor Piggy brought his humane education program to the Gillen Brewer School for children with significant learning challenges! This was Piggy’s second visit to the school. The kids were amazing as always, showing that they can overcome anything, and the teachers showed once again that they can lead these children past any obstacle. The teachers and students alike loved Piggy, as well as his education program, written by curriculum writer Kim Diaz. At first, no one expected all the

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Piggy helps children through their cat’s tough times


Pedro, a kitty in Galapagos who got hit by a car, would lose his leg, the veterinary staff told the family. The children were distraught, and didn’t want it, and were so sad. Carmen the Darwin Animal Doctors vet consoled the children, and told them about a little puppy who was about to lose a leg too, and how he got through it. And she showed them Piggy’s comic, which they took home. The next day, they came back

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