This Holiday Season, Give the Gift of Hope, and an Awesome Comic!


It’s been a tough year, hasn’t it? People everywhere are looking for a message of hope, positivity, and connection. What better gift could you give this holiday than a beautiful book that fosters unity, forgiveness, and empathy, where all the proceeds go to teaching children all over the country to be mindful and compassionate, while saving animals worldwide? Our new graphic novel has been getting universally glowing reviews, it is sure to make a loved one smile, and you’ll

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“Animal Instinct” Interviews Us for The Heritage Radio Network!

14595733_1756175644633496_690451914268231662_n We had so much fun being interviewed by Animal Instinct on The Heritage Radio Network. We spoke about our animal hospital in the Galapagos, the champion children sensitive to the plight of dogs and cats in developing countries, and of course, about Piggy’s humane education comic! Our host even dressed up for our live Halloween broadcast. 🙂 Listen to our episode on Animal Instinct, on the Heritage Radio Network

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What School Should Always Be Like! Piggy Test Answers

14826471_10202227672168699_723658711_n Broome Tioga BOCES teacher Anthony Monico gave his wonderful students an exam on Piggy’s humane education comics program. And the kids proved themselves pretty amazing as usual! A huge thank you to Anthony for teaching the kids humane education, and for inspiring them to think so well and make such great story predictions. 😉

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Superkids in Binghamton!


A huge thank you to Anthony Monico of the Broome Tioga Boces school’s Reclaim Program! Anthony taught Piggy’s humane education program to his class of amazing, engaged kids. As part of the program, these students in Binghamton made their own social justice comics (these advanced kids used tablets), using what they learned from Piggy. The kids proved without a doubt that they’re becoming superheroes in their own right. Thank you for teaching the students how to discover their own

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Piggy’s Graphic Novel Is Available in Stores Now!

img_3918 We’re in comic stores nationwide this week! The reviews for our graphic novel are so positive they’re making us blush! And we’re reaching more schools with Piggy’s humane curriculum that accompanies his comics. Be a part of his wonderful world and get a copy of his graphic novel today! “A Piggy’s Tale” is Carmine St. Comics’ Trade Paperback of the Week! Comics For Collectors in Ithaca appreciating Piggy’s work!

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