Piggy’s Graphic Novel Is Available in Stores Now!

img_3918 We’re in comic stores nationwide this week! The reviews for our graphic novel are so positive they’re making us blush! And we’re reaching more schools with Piggy’s humane curriculum that accompanies his comics. Be a part of his wonderful world and get a copy of his graphic novel today! “A Piggy’s Tale” is Carmine St. Comics’ Trade Paperback of the Week! Comics For Collectors in Ithaca appreciating Piggy’s work!

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Paste Magazine Names “A Piggy’s Tale” #1 Required Reading This Week!


A huge thank you to Paste Magazine for putting “A Piggy’s Tale” first on the list of required comics reading for the week of 10/19/2016! https://www.pastemagazine.com/articles/2016/10/required-reading-comics-for-10192016.html “Kids books, comics included, can be pretty hit-or-miss. Sometimes they treat kids like miniature adults who don’t swear, other times they reduce them to little idiots. But every once in a while, a creative team makes something special, a story that’s both fun and meaningful; A Piggy’s Tale is certainly that… A Piggy’s

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Piggy Wins the Approval of Fangirls Are We!

fangirls Thank you to “Fangirls Are We” for their awesome review of our comics! https://fangirlsarewe.com/2016/09/14/a-piggys-tale-issues-1-4/ “I implore you to check out Piggy’s Tale. It’s a fun (and heart wrenching, I totally cried) story. I will be gladly haring this with all of the dog lovers in my life, because Piggy really is something special.”

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Piggy Visits Classroom Kids in Boonton, NJ!


Piggy and amazing teacher Kim Diaz went to the awesome John Hill School in Boonton, NJ, to teach his humane education program to the kids and inspire them through his story of overcoming adversity. And to teach them where he likes to be petted. 🙂 The wonderful kids and staff loved him, and showed their appreciation for his program and presence with some gourmet dog treats, and wonderful letters of appreciation. They have invited Piggy back, and he aims

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