Piggy Wins an Amazing Pollination Project Grant!

Piggy has the distinct honor of being a recipient of The Pollination Project grant!

The Pollination Project is an amazing organization that gives seed grants 365 days of the year to compassionate projects! And thanks to this grant, Piggy’s comic will be translated into Spanish, for us to distribute as humane education. So children all over the Spanish-speaking world can get inspired to save animals through Piggy’s adventures!



And if that wasn’t exciting enough, the news of this was distributed in The Huffington Post!



Thank you so much Pollination Project!

And thanks to that grant, as well as all our wonderful fans, have a look at the cover to “A Piggy’s Tale” in Spanish!




Piggy Helps the Children of Galapagos!

Piggy is the mascot for Darwin Animal Doctors, the free veterinary hospital and humane education nonprofit in the Galapagos Islands.

And his comic visage is helping kids in Galapagos learn humane education!

Darwin Animal Doctors is working with the government agency the ABG in Galapagos to do humane education and veterinary events on the islands every two weeks.  And the kids who come to the events get to color Piggy calendars that teach them when to de-parasite their dogs! And Piggy is flying on the banners that teach kids how to take care of their animals!






Everywhere he goes, Piggy spreads compassion and hope to both children and animals!

Bleeding Cool News Gives “A Piggy’s Tale” #3 a Glowing Review!

Thank you Julz Hendricks of Bleeding Cool News for giving us such an amazing review!

Tod Emko and Ethan Young have really brought so much hope, loyalty and Superhero-ness into this comic… It’s just so wonderful that this story has reached, and touched so many lives. Each issue brings another side of bravery and there is no end to the courage it displays. Young’s art draws in small readers and adults… Emko’s writing is positive and upbeat. He is also mindful of the audience he is writing for which is important, and sometimes gets overlooked by writers.”



Ecorazzi Loves “A Piggy’s Tale!”

Ecorazzi gives us a wonderful article!

“According to Ecorazzi’s Nell Ark, the comic did very well at last weekend’s New York Comic-Con, noting that the first issue was completely sold out, with the second and third editions also selling well.

Emko tells Nell that, “People at the convention loved the idea of a comic that benefits animals.”

So do we!”

We love you back Ecorazzi!



ComicBastards.com Gives “A Piggy’s Tale” #3 a Perfect 5/5 Rating!

Thank you Samantha Roehrig of ComicBastards.com for giving us a perfect 5/5 review for the third issue of “A Piggy’s Tale!”

“I think Ethan Young does a great job of balancing those cute moments with some powerful scenes. My favorite character that Young does though is Simon. He is so cute and such a tough kitten at the same time. I think a lot of kids could relate to Simon’s raw attitude… I couldn’t see any kid not falling for this pup and his sidekicks.”



We SELL OUT of “A Piggy’s Tale” issue #1 First Print Run at New York Comic Con!

We did New York Comic Con from October 9 to the 12, and we had the most amazing weekend ever!  We SOLD OUT completely of “A Piggy’s Tale” issue #1’s first print run!  These people were the lucky ones who got the last one!


A HUGE thank you to everyone who came out and supported Piggy! Everyone loved Piggy, from hero Ewoks to supervillain Bane!

1926867_730104427083448_7809927028218942964_n 10712712_730019847091906_8854574881946053690_n

One super fan even created their own Piggy superhero costume!


You’re all heroes for the animals!

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First review for “A Piggy’s Tale” Issue #3 is up! And it’s a glowing one!

Stash My Comics reviews “A Piggy’s Tale” Issue #3:

“Ethan Young’s artwork is perfectly matched to the story. The endearing heroes and characters are complimented by his bright and colorful illustrations. Piggy’s comic book focuses on empathy and team work, and makes for a great all-ages story with heart and a message.”