Summer Camp Piggy!

Piggy fans in NJ, organized by camp leader Casey Grissom, created a children’s neighborhood camp in Red Bank. And the theme of this camp? “A Piggy’s Tale!”

The activities Casey lead for the camp included:

– Making their own Piggy plush toy!
– Having battles using Simon’s garbage shooter (in the form of silly string)!
– Making a chalk drawing of Piggy’s pig angel, Porcilis!
– Playing the game, get the bad guys Dr. Huntington and Magee!
– A one-legged hop-through-hoops race
– Making their own super heroes to help piggy!

Look at the pics below to see the events, and to see the kids with their homemade Piggy!

Thank you so much Casey for helping to inspire the children!







A Very Special Review of “A Piggy’s Tale!”

Email fan letter from Mia, age 11:

My name is Mia. I am 11. I really loved “A Piggy Tale — The Adventures of a 3-Legged Super — Pup.” My dad, Timothy, spoke at TAFA in Washington DC a few weeks ago. He met you and Piggy in the elevator, and Samantha brought home the Piggy comic book and bag for me.

I was inspired by Piggy’s story and how he was so strong. I loved the illustrations. They made the story come alive and dance on the tips of my fingers as I turned the pages. I love Piggy and how he is so caring and can change animals’ perspectives on the world, like Simon. I love the character Simon. He is so courageous and he can defend himself in times of need.

I am vegan and plan to be the rest of my life. I had a stroke in utero and have been dealing with it ever since I was little. So like Piggy I have difficulties to overcome. It makes me so happy that a creature like Piggy is in existence.


Thank you so much Mia!  We’re so happy you’re here too!

“Bleeding Cool Magazine” Names “A Piggy’s Tale” as One of the Top New All-Ages Comics to Look Out For!

“Ethan Young’s talent as an artist is so firmly established, particularly in his often stunning clear-line work that seeing him turn his abilities to an all-ages comic generated interest. But the subject-matter of A Piggy’s Tale meant strong Kickstarter support, particularly from ideologically-minded parents since the comic is inspired by the true story of a real “Piggy” the rescue dog and the comic is geared toward raising awareness of animal disability while supporting a message of indomitability in the selfless service of others.” – Hannah Means-Shannon, Bleeding Cool Magazine #9