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“A Piggy’s Tale” is the comic created by Tod Emko and Ethan Young. It is inspired by writer Tod’s real life tripod dog, Piggy.

Injured as a puppy in Latin America, and taken to the US after his hurt leg was amputated, Piggy now seeks out others who suffer as he did, and he offers them healing compassion and inspiration. He visits hospitals and schools for special needs children, and after his visits, they decide that if he can overcome such adversity and become happy, so can they!

(Piggy visiting children with special needs through the Special Olympics)

His empathy inspired us to found Darwin Animal Doctors, which runs free veterinary clinics and humane education programs all around the world! “A Piggy’s Tale” is the humane education “textbooks” for DAD’s education program taught worldwide.

(Teachers administering Piggy’s humane education program in Ecuador and Indonesia)

Bergen County teacher Kim Diaz wrote US core-aligned humane education curriculums for “A Piggy’s Tale.” There are curriculums for 4th-6th graders, and for 7th-8th graders. Teachers have taught the program with great success in schools throughout the Northeast.

(Piggy’s program in North Carolina)

BBC’s Channel Four piece on Piggy’s humane education program and school/hospital visits:

The programs focus on humane education, but have been taught to inspire children to want to learn other school subjects to become successful!

You can find our curriculums for your school here, at Teachers Pay Teachers: