Monthly Archives: January 2017

Piggy helps children through their cat’s tough times

Pedro, a kitty in Galapagos who got hit by a car, would lose his leg, the veterinary staff told the family. The children were distraught, and didn’t want it, and were so sad. Carmen the Darwin Animal Doctors vet consoled the children, and told them about a little puppy who was about to lose a leg too, and how he got through it. And she showed them Piggy’s comic, which they took home. The next day, they came back happier,

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“Talks at Google” with Piggy!

Huge thank you to Google for hosting all of us and Piggy, to do a “Talks at Google” video! “Boss.” We had a great time, and Piggy owned that stage! Learn Piggy’s origin, more about his work, and how he inspires people to be a force for good. 🙂

Piggy’s Education Program in Galapagos Inspiring Kids to Educate!

From Michelle Johnston, creator of the latest Humane Education program featuring A Piggy’s Tale in the Galapagos: Back in the Galapagos Islands, the month started with a wonderful demonstration of the progress seen due to the education of the next generation by the Darwin Animal Doctors. In the start of the month, the Doctors acknowledged having seen a few girls coming into the clinic repeatedly with a variety of different dogs and cats. The Doctors asked the girls if they

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