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Piggy in St. Catherine’s Center for Children Newsletter!

Thank you to St. Catherine’s Center for Children for including Piggy’s visit in their newsletter this week! From the newsletter:   A dog with three legs and a BIG HEART visits St. Catherine’s Piggy, a 3-legged border collie cross from New York City, visited St. Catherine’s R & E May School on April 14. Piggy brought a simple but inspiring message to students and friends at the school: life may knock you down, but never let it keep you down! Piggy’s

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Piggy Visits St. Catherine’s Center for Children!

Thank you St. Catherine’s Center for Children and Jay Deitcher for having us in Albany! Piggy’s comics inspired these children to overcome their disabilities, so Piggy had to come visit the children in person! The kids LOVED Piggy, although we have to apologize to the social workers and staff because we made so many children late for their buses home, as they couldn’t bear to leave Piggy! Vegan superhero Nicki Clyne of Battlestar Galactica came to be a hero among

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Piggy’s Hydrotherapy!

Piggy started hydrotherapy at Water 4 Dogs! This Sunday was his second visit! He loves swimming now, and he took to the water this time swimming right away! He swam proudly for his mommy, with a look on his face saying “Look at me, mommy! I’m SWIMMING!” 😀 By the end of the session, he was swimming the length of the pool on his own! Click below for the videos of him swimming! 2016-04-10 13.00.25 2016-04-10 13.18.28 2016-04-10 13.29.01  

Piggy Teaching in Chicago!

Thank you so much teacher Eric Kallenborn for having us in your classroom at Sheppard North High School, Chicago, IL! It was an amazing experience getting to teach your students about Piggy and his humane education program! Some of Eric’s students actually decided to volunteer at our booth at C2E2 after! Truly world-changing kids! 🙂 You’re making the world a more awesome place Eric! 😀 Eric teaches culture and issues through the visual medium of comics. For more about his class, check

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Colombia Schools Begin Teaching “A Piggy’s Tale!”

The Colombia group Colectivo Identidad Animal has begun teaching “A Piggy’s Tale” in Spanish, to both classrooms as well as in their veterinary and education outreach events! Colectivo Identidad Animal has been teaching Colombian locals the importance of caring for companion animals, as well as how to effectively ensure sustainability through compassion and responsible animal shepherding. Children worldwide love learning through Piggy!

Piggy Teaching a Class in Galapagos!

Yesterday we had a group of kids visiting our Galapagos clinic. Thanks to Michelle, who wrote a brand new education program, it was a very successful morning! The kids learned how to be a responsible owner, why to sterilize their pet and how often to deparasite. And of course they got some goodies 😉

Nine Year Old Piggy Cosplay in Brazil!

Super fans Rebecca Raphael Melissa and Andrade de Paula in Brazil made a Piggy costume for their dog to become a superhero too! But, here’s a little secret: all of you already are heroes! 😉 They even made a leg wrap to signify the three legged-ness! 🙂 You guys are amazing!