Piggy in St. Catherine’s Center for Children Newsletter!

Thank you to St. Catherine’s Center for Children for including Piggy’s visit in their newsletter this week! From the newsletter:


A dog with three legs and a BIG HEART visits St. Catherine’s

Piggy, a 3-legged border collie cross from New York City, visited St. Catherine’s R & E May School on April 14. Piggy brought a simple but inspiring message to students and friends at the school: life may knock you down, but never let it keep you down!

Piggy’s tale begins more than seven years ago, when he was discovered on a beach in the Dominican Republic with an infected leg. Locals believed the young pup had been hit by a motor vehicle. Visiting veterinarians were able to amputate the leg and save the little dog, but it was obvious he needed special care. Enter Tod Emko and Andrea Gordon of Darwin Animal Doctors, who agreed to adopt the pup and nurse him back to health in the U.S. They named him Piggy because, Tod noted, “He was hairless and looked like a baby pig.”

It wasn’t long before Tod and Andrea realized they had a special friend in Piggy, a dog with unique talents who brought joy to everyone he met. That led Tod to ask a friend to create a comic book version of the dog. The result was A Piggy’s Tale: Adventures of a 3-Legged Super Pup. The comic book created Piggy fans around the world, and that led to Piggy’s visit to the R & E May School. Jay Deitcher, who works at the school and arranged the visit, summed it up this way: “Piggy really is a superhero, and he teaches our students that they can overcome any obstacle they encounter. It’s a message that really resonates with our kids.”


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