A Very Special Review of “A Piggy’s Tale!”

Email fan letter from Mia, age 11:

My name is Mia. I am 11. I really loved “A Piggy Tale — The Adventures of a 3-Legged Super — Pup.” My dad, Timothy, spoke at TAFA in Washington DC a few weeks ago. He met you and Piggy in the elevator, and Samantha brought home the Piggy comic book and bag for me.

I was inspired by Piggy’s story and how he was so strong. I loved the illustrations. They made the story come alive and dance on the tips of my fingers as I turned the pages. I love Piggy and how he is so caring and can change animals’ perspectives on the world, like Simon. I love the character Simon. He is so courageous and he can defend himself in times of need.

I am vegan and plan to be the rest of my life. I had a stroke in utero and have been dealing with it ever since I was little. So like Piggy I have difficulties to overcome. It makes me so happy that a creature like Piggy is in existence.


Thank you so much Mia!  We’re so happy you’re here too!

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