Piggy is partnering with Reading with Pictures and the United Nations!!


At C2E2 we FINALLY had the pleasure of meeting with Josh Elder (comic writer for DC Comics and founder of Reading with Pictures). After hearing Piggy’s story and all the work “A Piggy’s Tale” does for education, Josh invited us to be part Reading with Pictures new campaign!! Reading with Pictures, along with the United Nations. are putting together what could become “the most widely read comic in history”!!!  This comic will not only break records once distributed, it will also communicate a life-changing and potentially life-saving message to millions upon millions of people! Tod and Ethan are currently working very hard on their contribution to this amazing project, however before it is printed a couple things have to happen.

1. The United Nations must approve every story and sketch that goes into the comic (no pressure guys!)

2. Reading with Pictures needs some funding help to be able to print this project on time! They have grants coming in, but they won’t be available until AFTER the deadline for the comic. So they need the help of comic fans NOW!! A Kickstarter (with many awesome rewards) has been launched to help them achieve their goal, break records and educate MILLIONS of people from all over the globe! Check out this amazing Kickstarter campaign here!

History will be made, and so will change all around the globe!! Will you be part of it??

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