Piggy Summer School in the Galapagos!

By Michelle Green

Recently, the Darwin Animal Doctors Galapagos clinic had a visit from a local summer school. These students had been learning English and, recently, the topic was on animals. The teacher contacted the clinic to see if the class might be able to come by to visualise and practice what they had learned in recent weeks. The Darwin Animal Doctors team savour every opportunity to interact with local children and readily accepted.


When the class arrived, the Doctors had ready an exciting day. The students learned a lot about the clinic and what the Doctors do there, were able to experience and learn about what a health check on a dog is like, learned about how to look after their own pets and then challenged their knowledge with a giant board game.


After an information filled morning, each student was given a copy of “A Piggy’s Tale” (part of our Humane Education curriculum) to read about the power of empathy to all creatures.


Thank you to the amazing students and teachers that were involved, and also to all the Darwin Animal Doctors team who prepared such an interesting and informative day.

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  1. Harvey Siederbaum says:

    This is so great! What a powerful and spiritual message of compassion and empathy you gave those children – thank you so much, and bless you all!

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