Piggy Teaching in North Carolina!

Awesome teacher Samantha Roehrig brought “A Piggy’s Tale” to her class, 6th grade English Language Arts at CW Stanford Middle School, in North Carolina, teaching Piggy’s curriculum to the students! Samantha says:
“The students were stoked. I had them sit in partners and read the comic together. While they were reading, they had to mark in the book with sticky notes (2 notes for a narrator box, 2 for a conversation, 2 notes for an emotion and tell me what the emotion is, 2 for a setting and tell me the setting, 2 for an action and tell me the action). It helped them to understand that you need to read everything in the panel to see what the author and artist are talking about. It was tons of fun. And of course they loved the comic. Piggy was a favorite, and they loved how both Piggy and Simon were based off of real pets. Thank you over and over again!”
Thank YOU Samantha!!
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